OCTOBER 3-17, 2010

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Departure Day, Saturday, October 2, 2010: Depart for Egypt

Today we depart for Cairo, Egypt. Those traveling with us internationally will fly to Egypt on Egypt Air from JFK in NYC.  This is an overnight flight.

Day One, Sunday, October 3: Arrive in Cairo, Egypt

Upon arrival at Cairo International airport, we are greeted by a Quest Travel/Luminati representative who will guide us through immigration, collect our bags, and assist us with customs.  An air-conditioned bus will take us to our hotel, the Mena House Oberio.  This will be a day to acclimate, explore the hotel, and rest. After supper on our own, we will gather to meet Dr. Blackburn and for a very special visit to delight the senses as we explore Egyptian oils! These oils are hand crafted, with recipes dating back to the time of Cleopatra!

Day Two, Monday, October 4: Saqqara, Tomb of the Nobles, Carpet Factory

We travel today to the Old Kingdom Necroplis of Saqqara with its Step Pyramid.  This special place holds the energy of the fifth energy center.  The spiraling vibration will wake us to the field of all possibilities for the journey ahead.  Our next stop will be the fabulous Tombs of the Nobles with their vivid symbolic reliefs depicting everyday life in ancient Egypt.  They are so well preserved that one wonders how they could have survived for over 4,000 years.  On our way back to our hotel, we will stop at a carpet factory to see the traditional art of hand weaving silk and wool into gorgeous carpets.  Next, lunch of pita, salads, and shish-kabob at a typical Egyptian restaurant awaits us.   B / L

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Day Three, Tuesday, October 5: Aswan, Start Our Nile Cruise

Let’s fly! An early transfer to the Cairo airport and we are off to Aswan where we will join our Nile cruise on the M/S Sonesta Nile Goddess.  We will have lunch on board; then, take a small Egyptian sail boat (a felucca), to see Elephantine Island and other sites along the shore of the Nile River.  For those of you with a sense of adventure, we will go to the Aswan market place to bargain for spices, scarves, and souvenirs.  You will know that you are not in Kansas any more.  B / L / D

Day Four, Wednesday, October 6: Philae, Kom Ombo

We will rise early this morning and leave by bus to visit Philae, the Temple of Isis.  Upon arrival we will celebrate the Mother Goddess in the sacred sanctuary of Isis, activating our first energy center, as we remember the magic we hold within.  Our guide will share the history of Philae and we will have time to explore on our own.  After our morning adventure, we will sail to Kom Ombo, the Temple of Two Gods.  Here we will experience the energy of this sacred healing temple dedicated to Horus and Sobek.  These two aspects of self live peacefully together realizing that to know good we must experience the opposite.  Our activation will be connected with the second chakra center.  Back on board our 5-star cruise, tea will be served on the top deck where we can talk as a group about our adventure so far. B /L /D

Day Five, Thursday, October 7:  Edfu, Essna Lock

A short bus ride through the town of Edfu will take us to the Temple of Horus.  This temple celebrates the movement of third dimensional energy to the fourth dimension.  Horus the son of Isis and Osiris, ascends the third plane into the heart of unconditional love.  This is done through his battle with Seth the negative aspect we all have within us. The energy of Edfu helps us idefine our third dimensional world by activating our third chakra energy center.  After enjoying this amazing temple we sail toward Luxor through the Essna Lock. This is our opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Nile. B / L / D

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Day Six, Friday, October 8: Dendara, Abydos, End of Nile Cruise

This morning we will join a caravan through the countryside of Egypt to Dendara, the Temple of Hathor, the mistress of the cycle of time, the Goddess of love, joy, and dance. The Temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy XII around 80-51 BC. It is truly a magnificent temple to behold with chapels, chambers, staircases, and columns. A crypt that we will visit gives new meaning to the words ‘let there be light’. We will spiral into our forth energy center at this sacred temple of love to prepare us for our experience in the heart of Egypt, Luxor. Our next stop, mysterious Abydos, the Temple of Osiris, has seven sanctuaries dedicated to Seti 1, Ptah, Harakhte, Amun Ra, Osiris, Isis, and Horus. All over the temple you can feel the energy of Thoth, the god of wisdom. In the Ancient Osirian Temple, you will see a ‘flower of life’ symbol that dates back over 5000 years. As you may have guessed, this is the place for focus on the third eye and activation of the sixth energy center for vision and intuition. On our return to Luxor we will say goodbye to our wonderful cruise and hello to the elegant Sonesta St. George Hotel.  B / L

Day Seven, Saturday, October 9: Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple

This will be a very early morning so that we can arrive at Karnak Temple before the crowds. Karnak Temple is dedicated to the Invisible God, Amun Ra. Our ceremony in the ‘holy of holies’ will bring full circle the energy we have been experiencing throughout our journey. Our hearts will be opened and joy will flow like a great fountain. We will also visit the Chapel of Sekhmet, the Goddess of Personal Power that will balance the two sides of our physical Isness.  In the evening we will go to Luxor Temple where we will walk the Avenue of the Ram-Headed Sphinx’s and listen to our guide as he tells us about this sacred site. After visiting the temple, we will shop for jewelry, cartouches, custom made galabaya’s, T-shirts with your name, and other items.   B / L

Day Eight, Sunday, October 10: Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Medinat Habu

Today we cross the Nile to explore the West Bank of ancient Thebes.  Visiting the Valley of the Kings, with its royal tombs where the great and mysterious funerary texts are exquisitely painted, is intriguing.  We continue to Queen Hatshepsut’s magnificent funerary.  She found a way to be recognized by the people as a goddess though the Goddess Hathor and claimed the thrown from her brother, becoming the Queen of Egypt. We will also visit the Colossi of Memnon and Medinat Habu, the temple of Ramses II. Lunch will be at the African Restaurant over looking the Nile.   The food is authentic Egyptian fare with dishes cooked in clay pots.  After lunch we will have an opportunity to shop at an alabaster factory where beautiful hand made vases and bowls can be purchased.  Here you will also see wonderful hand carved statues of your favorite God of Goddess. The rest of the day is on your own. B / L

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Day Nine, Monday, October 11: Ain Soukhna on the Red Sea

The adventure continues as we take a flight to Cairo and then a bus ride to Ain Soukhna on the Red Sea. Here we will take the time to integrate the energies and knowledge that have been a part of this extraordinary pilgrimage.  We will stay at the beautiful Stella de Mari Resort with a world-class spa and extraordinary views. This is your time to unwind and play, play, play!

Day 10 & 11, Tuesday & Wednesday, October12-13:  Ain Aoukhna on the Red Sea

What a life!  We are definitely living the dream.  Healing massages, swimming in the fresh water pools or the Red Sea, sandy beach time, exotic fish and corral for our viewing while snorkeling or diving, new friends to talk and play with, beautiful sunsets, delicious food, lovely rooms, and just relaxing time to integrate what we have experienced so far.  I love my life!  B

Day 12, Thursday, October 14: Cairo Museum, Khan el Khalili Market

A short bus trip will take us back to Cairo this morning. Upon arrival we will enjoy a guided tour of the famous Egyptian Museum. Here you will see ancient Egyptian artifacts like the Narmer Palette, Ra-hotep and Nefert’s legendary statues, Khafra’s immaculate diorite statue, statues of Queen Hatshepsut, treasures of KIng Tut and Ahkenhten to name but a few things. There will be time to explore the museum on your own.  After visiting the museum our group will be taken to the famous Khan el Khalili Market place.  Here we will have a chance to purchase any last minute souvenirs or gifts or maybe another suitcase for taking our treasures home.  Lunch is with the group today at a typical Egyptian restaurant in the heart of the Marketplace.  After lunch we will check in to the Intercontinental Hotel for the last 3 nights of our journey.  B /L

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Day 13, Friday, October 15: Old Cairo, Hanging Church

Old Cairo has so much to offer.  One of Cairo’s many epitaphs is the "City of 1,000 Minarets". Actually, there are more than that, and so it should be no surprise that there are many historical mosques in Egypt, mostly in Cairo and our group will have an opportunity to visit one today.  The Hanging Church  is the most famous Coptic church in Cairo. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is also known as St. Mary's Church. After exploring  the mysterious of old Cairo we will go to yet another outstanding Egyptian restaurant  for lunch. This evening we will meet as a group to discuss tomorrows pilgrimage to the Great Pyramid and our initiation inside the Kings Chamber.   B / L

Day 14, Saturday, October 16: Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid

We will start our day by paying respect to the Sphinx, the great lion sentinel of the Giza Plateau.  We then visit the 3 pyramids of the plateau saving the Great Pyramid until last. It is at this time our group will experience the magical energy of the Great Pyramid with our optional private ceremony inside; first experiencing the Queens Chamber working with the heart chakra and then into the awesome Kings Chamber for the crown chakra. Later a delightful camel ride into the desert awaits. The remainder of the day is reserved for rest, contemplation and integration. It is also time to pack for our journey home. Tonight you will enjoy a very special evening while celebrating magnificent Egypt at a farewell dinner. B / D

Day 15, Sunday, October 17: Depart Egypt

It’s time to say goodbye to Egypt for now.  Please, remember that you can come back again and when you arrive you will be greeted with ‘Welcome Home’!  


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Pricing Information  

Land Package: $5900.00 USD per person / double occupancy (includes $500 non-refundable deposit and domestic air travel in Egypt)

Single supplement: $1050.00 USD (roommates provided when possible)

Monthly Savings Program Available!

What is included in the land package?

  • Travel and Spiritual work with Dr. Meg Blackburn  
  • Meditations, ceremonies, and Spiritual work at sacred sights
  • Guided throughout by an English speaking spiritual Egyptologist and Luminati hostess
  • Internal airfare in Egypt (Cairo / Aswan – Luxor / Cairo)
  • All airport taxes, transfers and luggage assistance
  • Entry Visa to Egypt upon arrival and government taxes
  • Land travel in luxury air-conditioned coaches
  • All sight seeing and entrance fees
  • Hotel and cruise taxes and service charges
  • Deluxe accommodations / hotels and cruise
  • Daily buffet breakfast and ‘Full Board’ on the Nile Cruise
  • Lunch during Saqqara Tour, Museum Tour, Old Cairo, and West Bank
  • Festive farewell dinner
  • Vegetarian and other special menus available
  • Tipping throughout for cruise staff, drivers, guards, hotel staff
  • Camel ride at the pyramids / felucca ride (Egyptian sailboat) on the Nile in Aswan
  • Special stores visited that are secure for credit cards
  • Visa, MC accepted by phone and PayPal on line at

NOT Included: Guide & assistant tip, beverages, some meals, souvenirs, personal items, travel insurance, *International Air from the USA, optional private ceremony in the Great Pyramid

*International tickets NY to Cairo R/T non-stop are available on EgyptAir through Luminati.

(Itinerary and pricing are subject to change)


Fly with us and SAVE $350!

Package including international airfare: $6950 USD per person / double occupancy

$5900 (Land Pkg.) + $1400 (EgyptAir) - $350 (Discount) =

$6950 (Int'l Air Pkg)

  • Must be booked 60 days prior to departure
  • Travelers from outside the USA are responsible for their own air to Egypt
  • Possible fuel surcharge in 2010
  • Additional $200 discount with a cash, check, or money order payment!


Monthly Savings Program

Beginning May 2009, you have the option of paying in monthly payments*. The monthly payment is figured based on the cost of the trip plus single or double occupancy and whether you choose international air travel. So your Total Journey price less the non-refundable fee will be broken down in the number of months left before the Journey.

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* Final Payment is due 30 days prior to departure with savings program.

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Additional Information


Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.,  is the author of the international Best Seller, “The Children of Now”, “Conversations with the Children of Now”, "Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities" and the Online Messages which are distributed globally.


Her audiences lovingly call her “Dr. Meg”. Her internet radio show, “Continuum”, is broadcast on the first and third Wednesdays of every month.


She is a Keynote Speaker and has been presenting globally for years.


Dr. Meg has recently served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20 News. Her expertise in relation to issues of children of the consciousness evolution is greatly in demand.


Dr. Meg is a Master Healer, speaker, and teacher. She is an Ordained Minister in both Spiritual Science and Metaphysics. She is a Ph.D. of Holistic Life Coaching and holds a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics. She is a medical intuitive the developer of the Seventh Sense Attunement® healing process.


Having always been intuitive, her gifts came naturally in a progression of what she calls “cosmic two by fours”. As Dr. Meg began exploring higher aspects of consciousness alone on a mountain in North Carolina, she literally began to see and understand the dynamics of energy. In that process, Dr. Meg learned to combine higher consciousness, energy, movement and music into a process which later developed into her popular workshop “Movement to Spirit”®.


This combination created a perfect energetic opening to intentional inter-dimensional awareness which Meg calls the Seventh Sense… Beyond the sixth sense and into holographic reality.


During the expansion of her consciousness, Dr. Meg began to meet Masters from higher dimensions.  The Masters began guiding Dr. Meg in the art of inter-dimensionality, healing, and, as she later understood, into the higher aspects of Universal Consciousness.


Accessing the Universal Mind became second nature for Dr. Meg as she explored inter- dimensional realms. Expanded consciousness became second nature for Dr. Meg and she calls this “being online all of the time” The ability to access multi-dimensionally has taught her how to receive information on virtually any subject including sciences such as physics, astrophysics, quantum physics, biochemistry and many others.


Dr. Meg soon learned to multi-facet her consciousness to become both the participant and the observer, remaining aware of all of her multi-dimensional aspects simultaneously. The Masters taught Dr. Meg how to apply the different energy forms to everyday life, learning and healing. She now uses these techniques in all aspects of her life and work.


Dr. Meg credits her experience to “paying attention, having absolutely no expectations, a huge amount of passion to learn, and most of all to a deep sense of humility…once you realize the bigger picture, you understand that you are a part of all things, all things being you, and knowing that there is no turning back.” She believes that everyone has the same capabilities for this experience, once they begin to understand how to use the tools, and Dr. Meg is happy to teach them!


She is an Advocate for who she calls “The Children of Now”, creating awareness in society, in schools and in families that assists these new and sensitive children to be comfortable just being who they are ~ Gifted beings with a message for humanity. The future of our world.


Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey is available by appointment for private sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops. To see if she will be in your area, please go to Dr. Meg's Schedule.

Travel Insurance is available and is highly recommended. To find out more information, click here.